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Yikes creates something uncompromising, fast, with inspiration from the punk scene and the rave culture, blending furious early 90s production with killer punk lyrics.. The moniker of Zacharias Zachrisson (Tussilago, Vacation Forever), Yikes is a journey into his chaotic mind and a collaboration with producers Pelle Gunnerfeldt (Viagra Boys, The Hives, Refused) and DJ HAYDN (Deki Alem, Stella Explorer).

The self-titled debut EP came out in May 2023 and was recently followed up by a collaboration with the mysterious glwzbll, where Yikes puts vocals on the former artist’s buzzing track, “Untitled #13”, released on Yikes’ own Glory Hole Recordings. This label is also the name of his infamous club nights hosted at various spots around his hometown of Stockholm.